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The Rocket Rower XSQ - Custom Art

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This is the same as the standard Rocket Rower XSQ, except that we will work with you to have custom artwork made and painted on your Rocket Rower(s).  (The images show the standard artwork, but this will be shipped with custom art that we discuss with you.)

Unique Artwork.  We have local artists who can paint completely custom art. 

Rowing Club or School Artwork.  We can use your rowing club or school's colors and designs.

Contact us.  Use the contact us page to discuss what you might like before you purchase.

Quantity.  If you buy a Rocket Rower before discussing custom art with us, please purchase 1 only per order.  If you want more than 1, please use the contact us form to discuss pricing and shipping options.  If you buy more than 1 without checking with us, we will contact you before shipping in order to set the correct shipping charge (because Shopify's system does not allow for this in our context).